Platform for Factoring and P.O. Finance
CLM can shrink legal time by up to 80%
— Forrester Research

We build cloud-based, industry-optimized, turnkey CLM (contract lifecycle management) platforms with a heavy emphasis on process streamlining and automation, that produce material cost savings, improve efficiency and product quality and reduce litigation and compliance risk.  

Our CLM platforms allow:

  • Controlled transaction workflows
  • Streamlined document negotiation and review
  • Restrictions on deviations from approved parameters
  • Performance of automated, real-time due diligence
  • Multiparty collaboration
  • Continuously syncing counterparty self-service portals
  • Rules-based document selection
  • Central electronic document depository
  • Transaction information management
  • Tools to research and analyze stored contracts
Applying contract automation to NDAs alone saves $15,000 a month
— Cisco